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Software Development


Many non-profits currently use basic data-entry systems (such as Excel or Access) to record important information. Often built bespoke, these spreadsheets or databases are built for a particular purpose at the time, but quickly become slow or outdated as the requirements of the organisation and its funders change.

If this sounds like your charity, we’d recommend one of our bespoke CRM solutions. A CRM (customer relationship manager) automates repetitive tasks, rids your data of duplications and ensures relevant information is readily available for employees in and out of the office. Our software is built in a way that can be easily changed, adapted and improved over time as required so you can be assured that your database is as flexible as your organisation needs.

Some great features of our software solutions are:

Bespoke Purpose-Built System: Many off-the-shelf software products offer solutions which cater to a mass market, and therefore lack the customisation required to make it completely useful for your organisation. Our systems are bespoke built to your exact requirements, meaning you’ll have complete control over the included functionality of your chosen solution.

Automated Offsite Backup & Remote Availability: All our software solutions are cloud-based, meaning your data is not only available anywhere in the world (with authorised access), but ensures it is backed up automatically offsite in the event of a disaster recovery.

Full Data Migration & Training: The hardest part of using a new database system is helping your staff understand its features. All our bespoke systems come with remote or onsite training for your users, where our developers will field give a detailed demonstration and answer any questions your staff may have. To make the process even easier, we’ll migrate all your spreadsheet and database data into our software, meaning your organisation is ready to use your new solution to its fullest from the get go.


For more information or a demonstration of our bespoke software applications, contact us today on 020 8269 6878.